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TSL Firewood offers our kiln dried firewood bundled for sale to businesses at wholesale prices. Available for shipping anywhere in the United States, this option is optimal for campgrounds, national and state parks, and various retail convenience store fronts! 

Kiln Dried Firewood

The best of the best. Dried to below 15% moisture and bug-free! Our wood is certified by the USDA and can be transported anywhere in the United States. 

Our wood bundles come in plastic wrap that is heat shrunk for easy transport. Available for delivery by pallet or rack, perfect for retail store fronts.

Naturally Seasoned Firewood

The same quality wood as the kiln dried firewood with the difference being it is dried "naturally" outside for one year. The wood still burns great, but only a limited quantity is available. 

Fresh Cut Firewood

The same quality, hard wood as the kiln dried and naturally dried, but is fresh cut and delivered to you to stack and dry on your own time. The advantage of this option is cost savings!

Boiler Wood

Bigger pieces of hard wood that are best for outdoor boilers and wood stoves.

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